Teacher Grants

New this year! 

It’s time to think about what you need to enhance your classroom experience this year! 

Eatontown Schools PTA Innovation Grants seek to provide funding for creative and innovative programs and/or materials to enhance our district’s curriculum. 


Winter Grant Process: 


1. All recipients agree to submit the following:

a) Photos of students in action using the grant

b) Fall Update: Why was this grant important to you & how are you using it in the classroom?

c) Spring Update: How has this grant impacted your teaching this year? Would you consider asking for additional funds to continue the project or add to it?

2. Non disposable materials including, but not limited to equipment, supplies, and software acquired with Eatontown Schools PTA Innovation Grant funds are the inventory of Eatontown Public Schools District. Materials may be used by the recipient of the Eatontown Schools PTA Innovation Grant for their tenure with the Eatontown Public Schools District. Certain items, such as those secured to a wall, may not be transferable to another district classroom or school. The recipient agrees to discontinue use of the aforementioned materials at the conclusion of their tenure with Eatontown Public Schools District.